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LED neck light

LED neck light, handsfree for reading, work, computing, camping
Stock Code: FTTR2117PIN



Type of light source: led lights

Voltage: 110V (V)

Shade Material: pvc

Dimensions: 310 * 145 * 20cm (mm)

The main scope of application: the corridor, home sites, corridor type push-button switch

Style: Modern

Average life: 10W (h)

Transformers: electronic transformer.

Use Notes:

1, in order to avoid damage to the eyes, do not look directly at the light source or

directly Irradiate eyes  when the light luminous

2 Do not repeat the same place in front of the hose bend fold repetition

Turn off the power after sleep.

You can light up your laptop or iPad/device easily without having to get out of bed to turn off the light switch!

This neck light lighting makes for convenience & comfort when reading or just needing to light up a specific area.LED Neck Light, Handsfree for Reading, Work, Computing, Camping

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