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Bluedio Bluetooth Headphones

Reproduced true sound, Ultra HD voice, 6th generation CVC noise reduction
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*Reproduced true sound: Crafted with 10mm dynamic drivers, and CCAW voice coil from Japan, it created surprising full-bodied timbre, clear and bright, better transient response, restore true sound of your favourite singer, try listen to "Love knockdown" by Kanye West.
*Leading new era by Bluetooth 4.1: Incorporate high speed 80MIPS Kalimba CPU and 80MHz RISC MCU Bluetooth 4.1 chipset of CSR from the UK, N1 is tough enough for stable high speed operation.
*Ultra HD voice: Sample rate of N1 has dramatically expanded from 8kHz to 16kHz, speech frequencies expanded from 280Hz-4kHz to 50Hz-6.1kHz, far beyond band limits caused by mobile network and Bluetooth link, it means that narrow band era has come to an end, ultra HD wideband speech has come to your world.(*telecommunication network support is needed)
*6th generation CVC noise reduction: Significantly improves receive path voice signal by sophisticated algorithm technology and altering the spectral shape of the receive path signal, which AEQ estimate near-end noise, improves far-end voice frequencies; WNR remove unwanted noise during a hands free conversation, cleaning the audio for far-end listener.(*this is not active noise cancellation)
*t-Light earbuds: Tight and light for more comfortable wearing. Superior sound isolation by silicone eartips, ergonomically designed to provide comfort in your ear. N1 also effectively prevent sweat and rain to interfere with headset operation 
Bluetooth version: V4.1
Frequency range: 2.4GHz-2.48GHz
Operating distance: up to 10m (free space)
Bluetooth profiles: A2DP  AVRCP  HSP  HFP
Standby time: up to 180hrs
Talk/music playtime: about 5 hours
Charging time: about 2 hours
Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz
Operational temperature: -10 to 50°C
Package Include:
1 X Bluedio N1 Bluetooth 4.1 Stereo Headset
1 X USB charging cable
1 X User manual
User instruction:
Bluetooth Pairing:
1. Keep the distance between the headset and mobile phone within 1 meter.
2. Activate the headset, entered to pairing mode.
3. Initiate Bluetooth of mobile phone (Android: Scan for device), search "Q2" or "Bluedio".
4. Select "Q2" or "Bluedio" (some mobile phones need to input PIN "0000" as password) and the headset will automatically connect with your phone.
Attention: When headset switch off, keep press the MF button 8 seconds will issue a sound. Generally, there are 120 seconds at maximum to pair headset with your mobile phone, or the headset will power off when the light goes out. Retry steps 1 to 4 to pair again if your operation doesn’t work.
Call waiting:  (phone feature)
When phone 1 is in conversation, there is a call for phone 2; Press the MF button once to drop phone 1, and answer a call from phone 2.
Answering a call from phone 2 and keep the call of phone 1: Keep pressing the MF button for around 2 seconds.
Switch back to phone 1: Keep pressing the MF button for around 2 seconds.
Drop call of phone 2, answering the call on phone 1: Press the MF button once.
Multi-point pairing:
Step 1:
Pair phone 1 with headset
a. Keep press MF button 5 seconds to activate headset, light remains bright enters to pairing.
b. Initiate Bluetooth of phone 1, search the headset and pair with it.
Step 2:
Pair phone 2 with headset
c. Keep press MF button 5 seconds to deactivate headset, and switch off BT of phone 1.
d. Keep press MF button 5 seconds to activate headset, LED remains bright, enters into pairing mode.
e. Initiate Bluetooth of phone 2, search the headset and pair with it.
Step 3:
Pair phone 1 with headset again
f. Initiate Bluetooth of phone 1, pair with the headset.
g. Some mobile phone may not reconnect automatically, you may choose the device on Bluetooth list of mobile phone to finish pairing.
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