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11 x Extension + 2 USB

Time to clean up all those wires and add an extra 2 USB devices too.
Stock Code: 1426537680


Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Technical data:
    • Rated voltage: 250V
    • Rated current: 10A
    • Rated power: 2500W
    • Frequency: 50Hz
    • Materials: ABS + fire-proof material
    • Security: overload protection
    • USB: with or without
    • USB rated voltage: 5V
    • USB rated output: 2.1A
    • Power cable: 2, 2.5 and 3m
  • Product features:
    • Power socket with retractable power cable, you could lengthen the cable according to your demands
    • Power socket is with over-length power cable, which can satisfy your different demands
    • Out lets use phosphor copper accessories, is different with 90% brass accessories in market
    • Phosphor cooper is with high elasticity and electrical conductivity
    • Wire core of socket is conformable with international standard and have overload protector, which will cutoff power once excessive load to protect household appliance and socket
    • With independent control switch and power light in each layer, use expediently and save power
  • Instructions:
    • Check the power of electric appliance before using the socket
    • Do not touch the socket when the hand is wet
    • Avoid the place where children could touch
    • Do not partly twine the wire to avoid fire
    • Do not use the socket in wet environment
    • Do not disassemble by yourself, contact our company if need service


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