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Wireless N-Router

High Quality 300Mbps Wireless -N Mini Router Wifi Repeater with Wireless Ap function
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Mini wireless router supports 802.11 n wireless transmission standard, and is compatible with IEEE802.11 b / g standards and supports data transfer rates up to 300 Mbps. Mainly used to provide free WIFI service, such as factories, communities, neighborhoods, and other, for example, in a large area of ??????wireless mini router, normal enhancement may take away up to 300 meters away. It supports WEP, WPS and WPA / WPA2 personal and enterprise encryption standard.


A variety of modes, feature-rich
new repeater support WIFI AP (access point), Client (wireless client), Repeater (wireless relay), Bridge (wireless bridge), Router (wireless router) five operating modes.



1. AP mode . This is the default mode of the device. In this mode, the device is a wireless access point, support plug



    With no configuration. If you need to configure the wireless encryption and other parameters.
2. Router mode . In this mode, the device is equivalent to a wireless router, wired interfaces as WAN, wireless for


     LAN. Multiple wireless clients can share a broadband Internet line, if you need to set the Router mode.
3. Repeater mode . Use wireless relay function devices, enables wireless relay and amplify signals, and the formation of new


    Wireless coverage area, and ultimately achieve the purpose of extending the coverage of a wireless network.
4. Bridge mode . Use bridging equipment, the first new mini wifi repeater with the front end wireless network


    Establish a wireless connection, and then send out a radio signal itself, forming a new wireless coverage, can effectively solve the signal


    Weak and blind spots, such as wireless signal coverage problems.
5. Client mode . Client mode, also known as "master-slave mode." AP work in this mode is not for the master AP


    Line client, the equivalent of a wireless network card.
    ARP Defend
supports IP and MAC address binding, effectively prevent ARP attack, protect network security.

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