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EarWax Remover

Stock Code: 1430080354


  • Cordless earwax remover for home use
  • Gentle yet powerful vacuum suction
  • Made of washable material
  • Battery operated
  • L13.2 x W10 x H5.5cm

If you’ve got wax in your ears, it can be not only embarrassing, but painful and annoying as well. You can’t hear as well, quite often you’ll find yourself suffering from earache. And, on a shallow note, it is pretty humiliating when people notice the unsightly build up. But we all know that it’s bad to stick cotton buds in your narrow ear canals – so what’s the alternative?

Invest in your ears with this cordless earwax remover. It’s a safe way to remove wax without hurting the inner ear and because it uses suction, it won’t force the wax further into your ear canal or hurt your ear drum. Because it’s washable, you and your family can use it cleanly and easily


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