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Chefs Soap

Removes most odors from your hands! Onion, Fish, Garlic etc.
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1) It removes the odors from your hands! Onion, Fish, Garlic More! 2) Wash your hands For 30 seconds with this Stainless Steel Clean Hand Soap under running water and poof! Odors are gone! * Specification 1) Product Material: Stainless steel 2) Product Style: Heart shape 3) Size: 6.8 x 7.0 x 1.8cm


Stainless Steel Soap - Oval Shape Deodorize Smell from Hands

Stainless steel soap is used to neutralize or reduce strong odors from the hands, from handling odorous ingredients such as garlic, onion or fish.

With water running, rub between your fingers and entire hands for 30-40 seconds. 

How it works:
When you wash your hands with stainless steel soap, the surface of stainless steel soap is positively charged and odor molecules (negative charge) will be attached to stainless steel soap. And odor molecules will get washed away from the stainless steel soap by running water.

Materials / Body: Stainless Steel


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