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2 Way Shoe Stretcher

Are high heels really worth it? Most women are in pain in just over an hour from ill-fitting shoes.
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Are high heels really worth it? Most women are in pain in just over an hour and 90% have suffered problems from ill-fitting shoes

*Study found that half of women put up with pain of high heels to look good

*Podiatrists say nearly all foot conditions are caused by poorly fitting shoes

Shoe stretchers: The easy way to get the shoes to fit

The shoe stretchers is a really modern and effective way to fit the shoes into the feet of a person by overcoming different types of barriers of space as well as other shortages

The reasons for which a person requires the use of a shoe stretcher are simply myriad and often hilarious. The use of these shoe stretchers is hence quite wide.

There are lots of reasons for which a person may be requiring the use of shoe stretchers. The shoes of a particular person can shrink and also it is seen that sometimes the feet of a person swells, all these

2 way adjustable with ORTHO plugs

Adjusting and stretching to remove the likelihood of blisters, bunions and corns

Perfect for heals, flats, sandals, boots

Fits left or right shoes

Reasons call for the use of shoe stretchers.


1 Blisters (55%)
2 Cracked heels (45%)
3 Veruccas (28%)
4 Corns (24%)
5 Ingrown toe nails (20%)
5 Athletes foot (20%)
6 Bunions (13%)
7 Joint problems (11%)
8 Excessive foot odour (9%)
9 Arthritis (9%)
10 Muscular problems (8%)

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